A suspected Morgue owner Okunmi Community in Cross River State, Kalu Ben Chima, has denied selling human body parts and sleeping with dead body.

Chima in an interview with newsmen on Tuesday, vehemently refuted the allegation saying, “The claim is false. I do not sell parts of dead people.”

Chima also commented about the danger associated with having sexual intercourse with dead people or using water remnants after they have been bathe.

According to him, such substances are poisonous and can lead to sickness.

“There are people who do so or do have sex with them, but I don’t do any of such.”

“You will die also in a matter of hours or days. How can you have sex with a corpse or how can someone sell body parts of a corpse or water used in washing a corpse? Such water is poisonous.

“Sex with the dead is a deadly affair. Do not think that because she is lying down there, she is finished and you can go and have sex with her?

“People die from different ailments such as HIV/AIDS, and water used in washing their bodies is poisonous and any person who uses it will either die or contact sickness.

“The corpses may be dead, but they still possess some spiritual powers to protect themselves.

“We have about 100 corpses right now and 18 abandoned ones, but we keep the place open, both day and night, without any security and anybody, who attempts to do anything funny by going there to steal or do anything has himself to blame,” Chima narrated.