Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade and rapper Ruggedybaba have openly express their opinions on the planned ban of Nigerian music videos shot abroad.

This is following the intentions of the Federal Government to discourage Nigerian musicians from shooting music videos outside Nigeria.

Their reasons were explaining the fact that it does not build the Nigerian economy.

Nigerian artists have however expressed displeasure about the development. Paul and Peter of Psquare have reacted sarcastically to this and their elder brother, a video director, Jude Okoye also shared his reservations.

Yemi Alade took to Instagram to share her thoughts. She wrote:

“So all the money artists have spent shooting videos that are yet to be released will be refunded abi?”

“An economy/industry that has gotten thus far without your one dime or assistance is what you want to nip so insensitively.”

“So will you sponsor the unavoidable travel expenses 2Naija of the international acts we have featured on our songs?

“You might think that a musical video is just “a thing” we do!!. It’s a business! you don’t understand!!”

At least a little bit of research would help”

“Have you sponsored a music video or even been at a video  location. You see an industry moving forward , your contribution shouldnt be to pull it back!!

“Sad, sad, sad..“The video directors we use round the world are also Nigerians. I guess you don’t know that!”

On the otherhand, Ruggedybaba also took to his Instagram page to let out his frustrations. He wrote:

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“A woman has just been arrested for exchanging her 2 month old baby for a bag of rice.
That’s how hard the situation in our country is getting. *Meanwhile the budget to run the Nigerian Senate this 2017 is N215billion.
A government that has not in anyway supported or encouraged the Nigerian entertainment industry,now thinks it can control it. An industry that men and women have single handedly built? BIG JOKE!

We watch you use the country any how you like because unfortunately, you are the ones at the helm of affairs. We all see how that has been going since 1960. You are not providing jobs for the masses. Education is poor, our Nigerian certificates are more useless than tissue paper outside Nigeria. *Meanwhile the budget to run the Nigerian Senate this 2017 is N215billion. There’s no stable electricity. Security is not stable. Our hospitals are not equipped, to the extent our president is recieving treatment in a London hospital. *Meanwhile the budget to run the Nigerian Senate this 2017 is N215billion.
Nigerians who are not related to any rich family are on their own. Entertainment that has kept a lot of Nigerians off the street is what you want to try to destroy. You havent helped us fight pirates.
You havent helped us get our royalties. You have not set up anything to help the Nigerian entertainment industry. *Meanwhile the budget to run the Nigerian Senate this 2017 is N215billion. Amenities we lack are a few of the reasons some entertainers go outside the country to shoot music videos and movies. Now you want to try to stop that? Please do not make me laugh.

Even America where their govt gives their citizens amenities they deserve still shoot movies in other countries.
Nigerian government should stop giving us jokes and give us light, equip and pay our forces.
Equip our hospitals enough so that even our president can be treated here.
Stop owing pensioneers,doctors and teachers.
Stop sending your kids to schools abroad. It’s Nigeria’s money you are spending abroad. *Meanwhile the budget to run the Nigerian Senate this 2017 is N215billion.
Spend our money on our land and it’s people.”Minister face your work.”