Bola Tinubu named SUN MAN of the year

TVC E. Senator Bola  Tinubu who is the leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress, was named the SUN MAN of the Year, having contributed a lot to the victory of his political party.


Tinubu Former Governor of Lagos State, the Governor of Anambra State, Willie Obiano, wife of Borno State Governor, Nana Shettima, Labour Minister, Chris Ngige and others were honoured by the The Sun newspaper at the official ceremony held in Lagos on Saturday, February 20.


The SUN MAN of the year recounted the many political struggles that culminated in the change of government last year and brought the APC to power.

Senator Tinubu  having contributed a lot to the victory of his political party in the 2015 General election, defeating the Peoples Democratic Party that had ruled for 16 years.


He spoke after being presented with the award and said the power was made possible through the commitment of members of the party, the likes of Senator Oluremi Tinubu (the wife ), Chief Kalu, Lai Mohammed, the minister of information, were also present at the award night.

In his speech, the APC chieftain commended Nigerians for providing the bulwark for the unprecedented political change, adding that the collective efforts of Nigerians were responsible for the emergence of President Buhari.


He said, “What was accomplished in 2015 was not a singular effort. It was done through the collective love and labour of millions of Nigerians. A handful of them were well known. Most of them are hardworking anonymous people who together constitute the backbone and great strength of this nation. God in His wisdom placed me in the position to recognize the change that was needed and to help effectuate that cjange. I thank God for giving me this chance and for allowing me to be born a black man and a Nigerian.”


Governor Obiano was named the SUN GOVERNOR of the Year. After the award, the Governor said he was happy to have been named ‘the Sun Governor of the Year’.


Governor Obiano said, “I am dedicating the award to the ordinary citizens of Anambra State. The daily road sweepers, the zero porthole guys that maintain our roads, the investors that heeded our call to come and invest in Anambra, the farmers that are working hard to put us on the map and more importantly the security outfits that have today made Anambra the safest state in Nigeria,” 







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