OAP Freeze slams Instagram user over Olajumoke

TVC E, GOSSIP – It all started after controversial COOL FM OAP Daddy Freeze went on his Instagram page to dish out his two cents on the media spotlight model turned bread seller Olajumoke Orisaguna currently enjoys.

Freeze, who has a reputation for saying it as it is, said Nigerians have placed Olajumoke on a pedestal due to a mentality of poverty.


He also said it was a classic example of how real achievements are not acknowledged by Nigerians as he compared Olajumoke’s exposure to the minor recognition given to Ayodele Daniel Dada, the first Nigerian to finish university with a perfect CGPA of 5.0.

But his comments did not sit well with an Instagram commentator who found his opinion unnecessary.

According to Daddy Freeze, who shared the IG user’s photo on his page, the lady had called him a yellow crayfish because of his remark on Olajumoke’s endorsements.

Behold, find below Freeze’s response:


  • March 10, 2016

    A lot of people connected with this story,cos its a story of hope against all odds. It shows that no matter what you do,if u work at it and not relent,you will reach great heights. Daddy freeze,that’s why we are talking about her,its not about poverty mentality.

  • March 1, 2016

    PLS, note dat Ayodele Daniel Dada,is NOT the first Nigerian to finish university with a perfect CGPA of 5.0. we have like university of Ibadan using 7point as their cummulative CGP. it only in university of lagos ,his school dat he can boost nt in nigeria as a whole

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