Group saves life of a 2-year-old baby with Hernia

TVC E. Ibrahim, a 2-year-old boy will be leaving for his surgical operation next week with his parents. An act made possible by the High Networth Individua (HNI) group that came to his rescue.

Ibraham who has been suffering from inguinal hernia has been in serious pain, usually the intestine or the bladder protrudes through the abdominal wall or into the inguinal canal in his groin. This occurred to him because he has a natural weakness in that area.


Click here to view his image : ( warning graphic image)


Ibrahim is from a poor family and has been living with this ailment almost from birth, because his father Mr Salisu could not raise the amount stated for the surgery as a gate man.


It took the help of Asmau Abdulkadir ( Neighbour ) and member of this HNI group to save their already dying son.


When TVC correspondent met with Asmau, she said: ”When the boy’s mother Mariam noticed the lump, she called the attention of the father and they both took him to a health center in Kaduna.


”They ran several test on him without finding anything wrong, but another health center discovered it was hernia.


”They opted for traditional medication because they had no money for the surgery, until i decided to come to their aid through my group.


”We contributed money amongst ourselves for the family to pay for his surgery,drugs and upkeep”, she added.


High Networth Individual (HNI) comprises of  knowledgeable Individuals from different works of life, in and around the world and control a disproportionate amount of global.


Part of the group’s activity is to better their lives and that of the society at large through CSR.


The HNI group is known for its several humanitarian services. It has helped a family detained in the hospital for not being able to pay their bills, as well as helped in generating fund for a CS section of a woman delivered of twins in Lagos.


HNI, a non-profit making organization was founded in May 2015 under the management of Ruby Etoh, a Human Resource Executive, Rita Aju, a journalist and Agboola Odunfa, a business man and a political analyst.

Mr & Mrs. Salisu, Ibahim’s parents are recovering from the emotional  pains they have suffered since the boy’s birth.


Its has also silently addressed the medical needs of members and children across the globe.



Asmau have decided to stay with the family till the end of this trauma, as the group have also promised to standby Ibrahim till his success story is pronounced.

Ibrahim’s father said, ‘we are very happy for everything they have done.
We wish Ibrahim and family good luck.
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