Kitchen: How to cook Beans so you don’t fart after eating

beansTVC E. Beans are a wonderful source of protein that are delicious, inexpensive, low fat, high fiber and very nutritious with folate, potassium and zinc.


Many people avoid them because of concerns about discomfort or embarrassment over gas, farts, flatulence, or wind. This article gives specific suggestions for preparing dried beans to minimize gas.

The methods are as follows:

1. Soaking your Beans in Water

Scientists and even chefs have recommended soaking your beans in water for hours before cooking will remove most of these Oligosaccharides before you cook the. Many people said this works but we don’t think many people have the time to soak beans before cooking.

2. Adding Mould to the Beans

The reason why we have problems digesting beans is that we lack the alpha-galactosidase enzyme in our digestive tract. There is this mould called Aspergillus niger that contains the Alpha-Galactosidase enzyme. After sprinkling this on your food, it works by breaking down Oligosaccharides and preventing your large intestinal bacteria from creating gases.

3. Soaking Beans with Baking Soda

This baking soda has many uses. One of them is what it does to help reduce or eliminate flatulence after eating beans.


Adding baking soda to the soak water of dried beans before cooking (about 1/16 teaspoon per quart) significantly decreases the content of the raffinose and other Oligosaccharide family members.

4. Changing the boil water

Cook your beans in a lot of water for about 15 minutes, then throw away the water and add fresh boiling water. In this first boiling, do not add any ingredients yet.

Although no scientific backing for this but most of these saccharides must have been removed by the first boiling.

fart5. Add Veggies

While the beans is cooking, add a whole carrot or chopped if you wish, it helps a lot as well.


And don’t forget that adding enough onion makes your beans cook faster than usual.


You should please give this a shot and let us know if you have any success with it. we will be glad to hear back from you.


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