If you add value first, money will follow – Audu Maikori

Audu-MaikoriMany people believe you must have money to get any business started, this is often not the case, “you must find a value to offer, then someone will put money in it”, Audu said.

In a chat with TVCconnectMeets, Audu Maikori, former CEO of Chocolate City Music Group spoke about music, business and how to make it in the face of competition.

Recognising music as a tool for cultural expression, Audu said;  “Music is another means of cultural expression. My approach to music business is that you want to create and give a platform for talented people to express themselves and connect with their audiences.”

He explains that getting and managing talents; managing the managers of those talents i.e. the right personnel with right skill set to manage human resource can be a huge challenge.

On originality

“If all you do is copy what others are doing, it is only a matter of time before you degrade or be downgraded”. The social activist said.

AuduThe business of talent discovery and management can be tricky, in Audu’s words; “every person we sign on to work with is adjudged a hit before signing, but there is a disparity between what you perceive and reality. Sometimes, you have a case of wrong timing or just bad luck. In the music industry, the ratio of success is one out of every ten, and the one often takes the burden out of the label”.

He went ahead to talk about what has been keeping him busy, after stepping down as CEO of the Chocolate City Music Group; “I have been working on something for the TV media space, youth engagement with the use of technology and Agriculture”.

He encouraged the youth to always believe in themselves and be bold enough to try new things. “It is always possible if you believe in it, no man can believe I your dreams more than yourself”, he added.

See his exclusive interview below;

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