I’ll settle down when it’s time to do so – Nkiru Sylvanus

TVC E – Collapsed marriage is a major issue confronting many female celebrities in Nigeria. But Nkiru Sylvanus, a politician turned actress, believes that lack of composed mind before opting for marriage is a threat to peaceful home as settling down is thing of the mind.

The Nollywood star who also attended the recently held Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award (AMVCA) opens up on her love life, plans for 2016 and other issues.

Answering questions on her plan to settle down, Nkiru said “settling down is what comes whenever it comes and it’s a thing of the mind. When you think your mind is ready to settle down then you do it. For me, it could be now, it could be tomorrow or it could be the next five years.On her career, Nkiru maintained that she derives pleasure in challenging roles. “I’ve done quite a lot of jobs but I haven’t done a job that is very challenging for me. But I will always talk about my first movie, A Cry for Help because it was the first time I was facing a huge stage and it was huge for me because I was a teenager. I was young and it was like a first experience. So it was really challenging. But right now, I wouldn’t look at that job and say it is challenging anymore because I need something bigger and better and more challenging.”

However, the politician turned actress blamed the growing personality clash among actors and actresses on Social Media. “I think it has to do with the social media. Social media has become some kind of demon. Everybody wants to talk about their private affairs on the social media. Some people say it’s a publicity strategy, but I think it’s really not good. People do have problems but must you talk about it on the internet or on social media? When you get slapped by a friend, must you come out and say your friend slapped you? There are better ways to settle these things, so I don’t see it as anything really awkward. People have misunderstandings every day.”With the feat she has achieved in the industry, Nkiru said advances from your male fans are inevitable but has been handling such issues maturely.

“They will always come. It’s part of living, but I have a polite way of saying no. there is nothing special. I just tell then no. No is the word,” she stated.

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