1958 Today in History:  Monaco Grace Kelly 14th March, 1958: Former film star Grace Kelly who is now married to Prince Rainier and is now known as Princess Grace gives birth to her second child a boy Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre. He will take automatic precedence over his one-year-old sister, Princess Caroline to become the next King.


1920 U.S.A. Spanish Immigrants Sunday, 14th March, 1920: The number of Spanish immigrants was expected to be at an all-time high. During this time in history, they have been coming to America at record rates. Statistics regarding this were taken from local immigration application records in various Spanish cities.


1938 England Hitler and Mussolini 14th March, 1938: Various reports were printed regarding support and anti-support of Hitler and his regime. Premier Mussolini of Italy extended to Hitler a hand of friendship while British Prime Minister Chamberlain the country of Germany and Hitler of further attack. Britain fought to try to keep Austria’s independence before that country was absorbed by Germany.


1939 Czechoslovakia Dissolved 14th March, 1939: The independent republic of Czechoslovakia which was created in 1918 is dissolved, opening the way for Nazi occupation following the 1938 Munich Agreement.


1948 England 14th March, 1948: According to new proposed laws, British women married to foreigners would automatically retain their citizenship. The only women who would not remain British citizens are those who choose to formally renounce that status. 1948


1951 Korea Seoul 14th March, 1951: Seoul had been captured by communist forces on January 4th, 1951 and on 14th March United Nations forces recapture Seoul during the Korean War.


1957 Israel Gaza Strip 14th March, 1957: Chaos had taken place for quite awhile in the Gaza Strip and surrounding areas. However, a very important turn of events had taken place. One of those events included the joining of Jerusalem and the U.S. along with the United Nations in order to campaign against the re-entry of Egypt to The Strip.


1960 England Jodrell Bank 14th March, 1960: The British radio telescope at Jodrell Bank in Cheshire sets a new record when it makes contact with the American Pioneer V satellite at a distance of 407,000 miles.
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