A 21 year old lady was shot dead over marriage refusal with cousin

A 21-year old lady was shot dead for refusing to marry her cousin at a wedding in Germany.

The lady identified as Shilan was a young lady studying property management at a college in Hover, Germany before she met with an untimely death.

The father identified as Ghazi H. aged 50 years, is demanding for justice over the brutal killing of his daughter Shilan.

According to him, she was shot by relatives after rejecting an arranged marriage with her cousin.

The devastated father said his Kurdish family had fled Iraq and headed to Germany when his daughter was just three years old. She had grown up to be a self-confident young woman with German citizenship.

On his facebook wall, he wrote “It is with the deepest sense of loss and pain that I announce the loss of my daughter, she died in a pool of her own blood, as a victim of a treacherous tradition”.


Ghazi claimed that two of his own brothers, Numan and Hassan, had tried to arrange a forced marriage for the young woman to her cousin Sefin, 22, (pictured above) but she had refused. Shilan told her father that she did not love Sefin and rejected the arranged marriage.

“She begged me to do something and so I cancelled the engagement. But Numan and his son Sefin, the killer, refused to accept it. They were determined to take revenge to ensure honour was preserved, Ghazi said.

Sefin later shot Shilan with three bullets to the head.

The Police are still hunting for him but the gun has been found.

“What they did was a terrible crime, against an innocent victim. They seem to forget that we are living here in Europe,” the 50-year old father said.


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