4 Myths about Nigerian films that are false

Over the years, the Nigerian film industry has seen growth not only in production quality and distribution, but also in the development of stories and acting.

Myth 1: All Nigerian films are the same.

Truth: This fact is false.

The industry today offers a wide variety themes and film genres including comedy, romance, action, drama, historical drama, crime drama and even teen movies guaranteed to give the viewers different emotional responses.

Looking for something to make you laugh, watch “Jenifas Diary”, “Flower Girl” by Michelle Bello will make you love love while Kunle Afolayan’s “October 1” will have you making wild guesses and clinging to the edge of your sit.

Myth 2: Actors are stereotyped and they play the same role in all the movies they are featured in.

Truth: This fact is false.

There are a couple of actors we’ve seen playing the role of the bad boy or damsel in distress over and over, but this is not 100% true.

Rita Dominic is one actress we’ve see transform seamlessly into several characters. In “Suru L’ere” she transforms into a market woman while in “The Meeting” has us convinced she’s actually a secretary in the civil service.

Myth 3: The movie endings are usually predictable.

Truth: This fact is false.

Some people say they can predict the ending of a Nigerian movie five minutes into watching it. Well this myth is so busted! The movie plots and story lines keep getting better and better.

The ending of Afolayan’s movie “The Figurine” is an example of one of the movies with an unexpected ending. Also Caroline Danjuma’s “Stalker” presents an interesting twist to keep you guessing.

Myth 4: There’s always a storyline involving black magic.

Truth: This fact is false.

Contrary to what you may think, there’s not always a wicked mother-in-law and black magic involved.

The new storylines today go beyond what you think.

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