‘Wife killer’ has a child out of wedlock

TVC E. Lekan Shonde, the man alleged to have killed his wife in the Egbeda area of Lagos, has a child out of wedlock, according to Bolatito Bewaji, the sister of the late woman.

In an interview with Punch, Bewaji accused Shonde of being a cheat, who constantly abused his wife,  because he was insecure and jealous.

She said her family had advised the deceased to leave her husband, but Ronke, who almost left in December, stayed back because a pastor and her landlady pleaded.

According to Bolatito, the marriage started having problems when Ronke found her husband had been cheating and had a child out of wedlock.

“My sister called me and said her husband had a child outside wedlock. She said somebody brought the child to the house and said her husband was the father. She was shattered by that news and from that time, she started keeping to herself,” Bolatito said.

“Lekan asked her to forgive him, saying it was the devil’s handiwork. He would kneel and beg in the kitchen and bathroom. He promised to do a DNA test to know if the child was truly his own, but he didn’t do it. He started sending people to beg her. But she decided to stop talking to him.”

Bolatito said her sister had often been abused, claiming that the the situation first occurred in 2012.

She said in December, she reported the maltreatment of her late sister by her husband to the police who informed her she that “could not report the case since I was not the victim”.

“My mother was in the house with them when he started to verbally assault her. It was getting heated and my mum had to immediately leave the house. My mum called me and I went to a police station closest to the house,” Bolatito said.

“I called her and said, ‘my sister, do you want to die? We don’t want to lose you. We just lost our second born. I know you are a loving person and you care about your family, but you have to quit this marriage.’ At this point, she (Ronke) started crying”.

Shonde is currently in the custody of the police.

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