Caitlyn Jenner:Multi Choice Scraps ‘I Am Cait’ Show

TVC E. Bruce Jenner was a gold medal-winning Olympic athlete before announcing his decision to become a woman (Caitlyn Jenner) in April 2015. The Father of Four transgendered into caitlyn jenner and started a reality show called''I am Cait'' which has been showing on leading south African-based entertainment company, Multi Choice for a while . Recently,viewers raised concerns about the program which has made Multichoice to have a rethink about airing the program continuously on their platform. According to MultiChoice, it said it will no longer broadcast 'I am Cait', anymore, in order to abide by “regulatory environments” in Africa, and because of “concerns” raised by some of its customers. The Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) ordered that the show be pulled, effectively censoring it for African viewers, South Africa’s Channel 24 entertainment site reports Condemning the decision as  “shocking censorship”, its columnist Thinus Ferreira wrote: While I Am Cait show contains no violence, nudity or sex...

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