Princess Diana’s Ex-Royal Butler-Paul Burrel Divorcing wife of 32 years

TVC E. Princess Diana’s former butler,Paul Burrell who was disgraced out of office after he allegedly stole 352 items from her estate after her death and to make matters worse penned two tell-all books about his time serving the princess, which her sons considered a “betrayal” is set to divorce wife, Maria of 32 years.

The pair, Paul Burrel and wife Maria  have been living apart for years, with Maria living in Florida, and Paul living in Cheshire where he operates a flower shop.

The divorce announcement comes on the heels of news that Paul is set to appear on multiple British reality shows.

The Ex-Royal butler who has made his name on reality TV has apparently been having secret meetings with producers about featuring in other series.

According to an insider, this is no coincidence as the timing tells it all.“One of the reasons he wishes to star in reality shows could be because he needs money for an impending divorce,” “He is splitting from his long-suffering wife and may need to pay her off.”

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