Lagos Hotel Owner Allegedly Killed for Having An Affair With Married Woman

TVC E. A Lagos Hotel owner identified as Micheal Ogunnusi who owns Allonze Hotel situated along Ikorodu road has been allegedly killed by gunmen for having an illicit affair with a married woman.

According to reports, the killers entered the hotel disguised as Lodgers.

The security man was immediately tied up after opening the gate for them after which they went straight for the victim’s room in the hotel and shot him dead.

According to information gathered by Punch Metro, the victim was killed for allegedly dating the wife of the leader of the gunmen. The victim’s phone was also taken by the gunmen before leaving the hotel.

The men numbering a total of four were said to have come in a car which was parked outside.

According to the source, he said, “While one was in the car, three went in on a motorcycle, pretending to be customers; they got separate rooms to stay. However, no sooner than they got their keys that they went to the man’s room. One knocked at his door as if he was one of the hotel workers. As he opened the door, they opened gunfire on him.”

He went further to say; “There were four of them and they spoke Ijaw language. They entered into the hotel on a motorcycle. They deceived the gate man by telling him they wanted to book a room. But immediately he opened the gate, they beat and tied him up.

“It is possible they were operating based on information from an insider because immediately they entered, they went into the man’s room in the hotel.  He begged them not to kill him. He said he was ready to offer them anything, but they shot him dead. They left with his phone.”

“He was dating a woman that was the wife of the suspects’ leader. On the night that he was killed, he was with the woman. ”

The said woman however, has been arrested by the police.

In a statement, the victim’s wife identified as Bolanle Ogunnusi did not deny the allegation that the victim was caught with a woman.

She said, “I am his wife and we have five children together. The hotel is closed. I don’t know (if he was killed over a woman). The police have not released his corpse.”

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