Minister of Labour & Employment- Chris Ngige, slammed by NECA

TVC E. The Minister of Labour and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige has been slammed by the Nigerian Employers Consultative Association (NECA) over threats that licenses of banks and Telecom firms will be forced to be withdrawn by the Federal Government over the recent ongoing mass retrenchment. Reacting to the statement made by Senator Chris Ngige, Mr. Segun Osinowo, Director General of NECA said the Minister was not only ignorant of labour laws, but also reckless in arrogating the powers of the Federal Government to himself. Mr. Osinowo said: “NECA is not informed by the ideological consideration or an interest concentration because Nigerian employers are equally Nigerians and they are interested in the welfare of Nigerians. ‘’The truth about it is that any employer that is worth its salt will not treat its valuable assets, which is human resource with ignominy or as slaves, to use the word of the minister because these are...

Waje- ‘I had my own share of pillow cries’

TVC E. Aituaje Iruobe popularly known as Waje , the Nigerian singer whose vocal range covers three octaves, has revealed the hardships she passed through while taking care of her daughter.   According to her, paying rent, school fees, and other miscellaneous expenses was a task. "I had my own share of pillow cries and made sure she doesn’t see it. Sometimes she could come asking, “Why didn’t you and my Dad stay together?”. "When I first moved to Lagos, I couldn’t afford to have my daughter with me because I didn’t have a house; I was squatting with someone. There was a time I saw her like twice a year. There were times she cried, mummy I want to come and live with you, but I couldn’t afford it till 2011. Yet looking at my daughter, I will be honest that she is a blessing. And the blessing outweighs the challenges. I have learnt to...

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