Emeka Ike Speaks on OJB and the abuse of Nigerian Artists

Emeka Ike in an exclusive interview with TVC today spoke on the pains of loosing Babatunde Jezreel Okungbowa a.k.a OJB Jezreel in the industry. According to him, “Imagine if OJB had enough money, he would have taken care of himself. All over the world, the contracts signed by these multinationals is different from what they sign with Nigerians. They don’t want to hear about the artist, they call producers aside and give them something. And then, the artists are dying and we are just celebrating it. OJB I’ll always pray for you”. He added.

He further went ahead to ask Nigerains some questions about the issue of royalties which is the bane of the Nigerian artist. “why must we wait till an artist is no more, before they are celebrated? why do they have to suffer amidst all the praises? why should someone be reaping from the sweats of others and watch the labourers die in pain? I am scared, very
soon you will celebrate Emeka’s demise, Or Ogunjobi’s demise, Or Jide Kosoko’s demise. What do we say about these? please pay us our royalties!” He said.

Watch interview below:

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