Iyanya Threatens Calabar OAP, As OAP Takes The Case To Police

Iyanya is currently in a middle of a mess! According to OAPs who are upset with the singer at the moment, Iyanya called popular Calabar OAP and comedian known as the Last Prophet who anchors, the Otwetwe show on Hit Fm yesterday, to tell him not to ever speak about him on his show again after the OAP made a joke of him parting ways with Ubi Franklin. The OAP had said; ‘I wonder if Iyanya was planning to return back to Calabar where he started from’, speaking on his recent breakup with his long time manager, Ubi.

Iyanya who was however not pleased with the statement called the OAP and threatened to deal with him the next time he makes such a joke. Last Prophet who however feels the joke wasn’t personal and he only said it out of curiosity, has now taken the case to the police where the threat Has been reported. Here’s what Iyanya said during his phone call;

‘I don’t depend on my strive (sic), but i depend on God to take me further, this is Iyanya speaking, brother let this be the first and the last time that you will make that kind of statement that you made about me on your show. I have never had any issue with you, don’t ever in your whole life mention my issue with Ubi on your show. I’ve had different people call me to make that report, the next time you do I’ll show you another side of me’.

Below is also a mail we got from another OAP informing us about the situation…

Hi Ladun, this is very pertinent ladun. I actually witnessed it yesterday, and decided to talk about it. I think you guys should call Iyanya to order over his recalcitrant attitude towards on-air-personalities, as i heard he has issues with some OAPs in Lagos as well

My OAP by name “Last Prophet”, who is also a comedian (king of comedy in cross river state) had is radio show (Otwetwe) yesterday, where he talked about Iyanya’s rift with Ubi, he only said Iyanya’s new song “Calabar” is suspicious, and wondered if Iyanya was planning to return back to calabar where he started from.

Someone hinted iyanya on the said programme which took place yesterday evening, and all Iyanya could do was to place a phone call to threaten the OAP.

He has decided to report to the police. This is not good at all for this iyanya. However, this guy has been playing Iyanya’s song for long.

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