Nigerian youths can compete globally in technology : TVC E Poll

Nigerian youths have all it takes to be successful in the creative world of technology if provided with the appropriate tools and an enabling environment, an opinion poll has shown.

Recall that Founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was in Nigeria last month and his first stop was the Co-creation Hub Lagos (CcHub) in Yaba where he met aspiring software developers and programmers.

After his surprise stop at the CcHub, Zuckerberg visited the Andela Amity Campus also in Yaba, where he met no fewer than 200 Nigerian developers.

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Before going to Kenya and returning to meet President Muhammadu Buhari, Zuckerberg was dressed in his renowned grey t-shirt and blue jeans, leading to a lot of buzz and creation of memes.

The tech entrepreneur’s visit also sparked a lot of discussion on social media with watchers giving him kudos for his simplicity and sense of philanthropy.

For others, the Facebook boss’ visit to Nigeria was an avenue for Nigerian politicians and the elite to learn how to impact lives instead of living lavishly and displaying their wealth.

But in the online poll conducted by TVC Entertainment, 54.72% of participants believe Zuckerberg’s visit strongly indicates that the technology community in the country has the potential to thrive under the right conditions, while 26.42% opine that the high and mighty of society should simply learn from Mark’s simple lifestyle.

9.43% of respondents indicated that since he visited Nigeria even with the bad international press the country has received in recent times, it was good international PR for the country.

However, another 9.43% held that his visit will contribute nothing to Nigeria economically and otherwise.

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