Yemi Osinbajo blames militants for recession

TVC E. The Vice-President of Nigeria  Yemi Osinbajo, has blamed militants in the Niger Delta for the current economic crisis the country is facing.

Speaking on Monday, September 19, at the presidential quarterly business forum at the State House, the vice president said, the Federal Government did not envisage that there will be a huge drop in the production of crude oil.

The Vice-President attributed the drop in production to the constant bombing of pipelines by militants in the oil rich region.

Osinbajo said “Perhaps it is important for us to understand the nature of this recession in which we have found ourselves. In discussing this issue of recession there is tendency for people to generalize. A lot depends on what sort of recession and how we got here.

“If we did not have vandalisation in the Niger Delta as we are currently suffering, we will not have this recession today. Moreover in looking at the solutions, we should try to focus on the type of problem we have and what instigated it. Then we can begin to come up with better solutions.”

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