“Clinic Matters” actress shares similarities between Nurse Titi and real self

Nollywood actress Nkechi Emmanuel, who is popular known for her character as Nurse Titi on “Clinic Matters,” has said, She is

cool, calm and calculated

“It has really been a positive one in my life. That is the character that actually brought me to the limelight. Everywhere I go, people tend to call me nurse Titi. In fact, it has really taken over my real name. I’m not regretting that. I’m happy that it’s a positive one that people know me for.”

The actress also stated that the character has opened doors for her, and has offered her greater opportunities.

Speaking about the similarities between Nurse Titi and Nkech Emmanuel, the actress said, “She is cool, calm and calculated. That’s what I call nurse Titi. That’s Nkechi herself as well. I am someone who likes to think before I do something.” “Nurse Titi is someone who is dedicated to her job. She likes to work. I’m someone who likes to work. I like to focus on what I do.”

She also shared challenges she had to face interpreting the character, the fear she had to overcome, her role models, what she would love to change in Nollywood, getting into character as an actress, and her upcoming projects.



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