Crazy Nigerian biker takes wife on a ride across North America

A passionate Nigerian super-biker is currently breaking boundaries with his sophisticated ‘Okada’ as he embarks on a North American tour.

According to sources, the biker, Ogbonnaya ‘FD’ Kanu, who previously travelled a distance of over 13,000km from Nigeria to Europe (Austria specifically, riding through France, Germany, Austria, and Italy) and back in 2012, has now embarked on the tour in a bid to attain a Triple Crown Award.

And he had a companion in Eseohe Kanu, his wife, who defied harsh weather conditions and accompanied him on the 3Flags Classic (which involves a cross-country ride into the countries of USA, Canada and Mexico).

FD, who rides as a service to financially disadvantaged orphans and fatherless children, was honoured for his achievements in the motorcycling community at the 3Flags Classic Dinner held at the end of the tour.

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