Basketmouth is grateful that his kids didn’t witness robbery incident

TVC E . Nigerian comedian Bright Okpocha popularly known as Basketmouth, has expressed joy that his children did not witness the recent robbery incident that occurred at his home in Lagos.

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A gang of  thieves rumoured to have been sent by people close to the comedian stormed his apartment in the dead of the night and made away with valuable items.

Basketmouth and his daughter.

Speaking to news men on saturday September 24, 2016, Basketmouth said, “I will rather not talk about the robbery incident because it is in the past now.”

“I just thank God nobody was hurt. My kids were asleep throughout the incident so that is something to really thank God for as the trauma would have messed them up for a while.”

The comedian also touched on his plans to begin a movie project, adding that he has had to put his music career on hold as a result.

“I have had to put my music career to rest for now as I have a lot of projects before me but soon, I will revisit it.”

“Also, I have been working on a movie for a while now, but due to time constraint, I have not been able to start production but I will do so soon though”, he said.

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