I will act until the day I die : Bimbo Akintola

TVC E. Popular Nollywood thespian, Bimbo Akintola, has stated that she would act till her last day on earth.

The actress who played the role of Ameyo Adadevoh in the movie, 93 Days starring American veteran actor, Danny Glover, revealed this in an interview with Punch Newspapers.

Bimbo Akintola is Stella Adadevoh in "93 Days"She said, “I have several mummies in the industry and I am like them.”

“I have Taiwo Ajai-Lycett who I know would act till the day she dies; I know Joke Silva would act till the day she dies and I will act till the day I die. I can never get tired or walk out of this profession.”

“Acting is my reason for being; it is one of the main reasons for my being.”

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The actress also disclosed that she is a passionate and emotional person who cries on a regular basis.

“I cry out of frustration. When I am upset, I cry. I am one of those people that cry easily because I am a very passionate and emotional person.”

“If I am frustrated, I can cry. If I am angry and you ask me to explain myself, I would cry, I am that kind of person; so I cry regularly,” she said.

Gideon Okeke, Bimbo AkintolaAkintola’s performance in “93 Days”, a movie which portrayed true life events, has seen her transform to a hotshot in the Nigerian movie industry.
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