Fisayo Ajisola produces first movie ‘Road To Ruin’


Nollywood actress and producer, Fisayo Ajisola is currently working on her new movie titled “Road To Ruin” in a bid to ensuring crime free  society.

The movie which examines the lives of banned street hawkers in Lagos state came as a result of the rampant cases of crimes and traffic congestion which, according to the state government, aided robbery, kidnap, killing, and other societal ills.

According to Ajisola, the movie is to draw the attention of the federal government, states and well-meaning Nigerians to the plight of young Nigerians who have no means of survival, education and jobs but to find means to make their lives productive through menial jobs.

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Ajisola, through her Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Jewel Empowerment Foundation (JEF), has solicited for a better alternative from the government and also proffered a lasting solution to the challenges of the underprivileged and street hawkers in the new flick.

The director of the movie, Tunde Olaoye, noted that the short movie was a public service announcement for the children on the street and to encourage the government to look for a better solution.

Veteran actor, Raphael Niyi Stephen, who is also part of the project, said: “The movie is a way of making people know what is happening to kids and also to lend our voices to what the government is doing about hawking, letting people know hawking isn’t the last option.”


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