American athlete Serena Williams shares life inspiration

Serena Williams covers Fader American Issue.TVC E. American professional tennis player, Serena Williams shares some inspiration as she covers Fader’s America Issue, an interview that got her dishing on her life experiences.

Many of these experiences have been all the motivation she needed to become one of the world most celebrated world athletes.

Speaking on how a meeting with the late Nelson Mandela helped her handle criticism better, she said, “We’ve had conversations, but it wasn’t until years later and reading his biography that I really felt like I met this man.”

“It took a minute to click, it didn’t just happen overnight. But I realized that everything that I’m about, the way that I was raised, and everything that I’ve been born to do is all about forgiveness and moving on, and I just felt like it was all about the right time to do it.”

According to six times Wimbledon champion, her visit to Africa helped her discover her inner strength. Likening her tough demeanor to her ancestors.

Giving her comments, she said, “It changed me to realize how strong I was and to realize that I, through my ancestors, am capable of doing anything. I’m really capable.”

“They endured the toughest, and only the strongest survived. I realized that I was built from this incredible bloodline that many different types of people aren’t built from.”

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