Man sues hospital for turning his son gay and wins

A 42-year-old Army Vet Curtis McPullout sued an East Atlanta Medical unit for turning his son gay and surprisingly won.

McPullout said he had taken the 3-year-old son to the medical facility over a flu infection but the boy’s sexual orientation changed after he was given an injection shot.

He said his son was a regular child before he got the shot.

“You could find him laughing, playing outside and beating off to The Jet Beauty Of The Week. Then the boy gets the shot becomes a cowboys fan and starts taking duck lip selfies,” McPullout said.

The family later  sued the hospital for $5m and won.

McPullout said the family was happy with the court’s decision and that he will be taking his son to Brazil for a three-month rehabilitation program geared to bring boys back to the other side.

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