Shi’ite Ashura procession : 13 die in Katsina, Kaduna and Sokoto

Thirteen members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, popularly called the Shi’ites have lost their lives in Katsina, Kaduna and Sokoto states.
This was occasioned by the procession to martyrdom of their prophet, Imam Hussain.

About twenty other members of the movement have sustained varying degrees of injury.

The procession was slated to commence at 8am, local time. This was against a ban on the movement, and their activities by the Kaduna state government.

Police  had flooded the streets at dawn, forcing the Shi’ites to go into hiding.

But the IMN members had played a fast one on the security personnel.

Although in trepidation, they hoisted their flags, and hastily did the little they could do.

Tudun Wada is a community densely populated by Muslim faithful in Kaduna state and where the headquarters of the IMN in the state is situated.

The centre doubles as residence for leader of the IMN in the state, Mukhtar Sahabi.

The Shi’ites, displeased at the security agencies had made moves to protest.

But they met a brick wall from their Sunni counterparts, who insisted that they had no such rights. It took the intervention of security personnel to settle the rift.

But afterwards, trouble continued, and the Sunni Muslims descended heavily on the Shi’ites.

Two lives were lost in the process.

They then proceeded in setting ablaze, and demolishing the home of Mukhtar Sahabi.

The Kaduna state government insists that the Islamic Movement in Nigeria remains banned.

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