‘Now I prefer movie production to acting’ – Ego Boyo

egoTVC E. Nollywood actress and movie producer Ego Boyo, the lead character in popular 90s soap, Check Mate said, 

She left acting many years back to pursue other business ventures such as movie production and care for her family. On the reason Ego left acting for production, the actress who was a guest on YourView TVC show said ”I think in our industry, it is actually something that is a bit easier to manage because we don’t really work all the time. There are times when the job takes up all our time though. Our hours are not regular hours but then we also have all that time when we are not working.

I devote all that time to my children, dropping them off at school, taking them out. I would say I’ve been lucky. I haven’t had any problems with being able to juggle both. I have had good support from my family. Here in Nigeria, we have people to help. I’m not one to turn down help when it’s offered or when I can get it because I can’t do everything myself.”

After starring in popular TV soaps over two decades ago, the name Ego Boyo, better known in the industry as Anne Haastrup, still rings a bell. Ego Boyo continues to be a household name even when she’s not on TV like some of her colleagues.


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