‘The secret of my beauty is vegetables’ – Actress Ego Boyo

Image result for ego boyoTVC E. Nollywood veteran actress Ego Boyo who was a  guest on YourView TVC show on Friday ( 14th of October 2016) said, she eats more of vegetables to keep her skin glowing and the slim fit is from her gene as well as exercise.

In her words: ”I have been exercising, though I think most of it is in the genes. I guess I inherited it from my parents, but of course as you get older you have to focus on a lot of things, you have to eat the right things like lots of vegetables and a lot more fruits.

You also need to pay attention to exercise and make sure you take your makeup off at the end of the day as well as moisturise your skin. That’s really it. Drinking a lot of water also helps with cleansing. Once in a while I do facials but I don’t break out often, so there is really no need for facials. When I feel my skin needs a bit of treatment, I do go and have a facial but I think more than 50 percent of it is good genes.”

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