Sharon Osbourne denies claims she’s not coping with The X Factor

Sharon Osbourne’s X Factor behaviour has been a little bit controversial thus far.

She became quite literally our favourite person (apart from disguise-sporting, milk-drinking, north London-party-house-buying Justin Bieber) after appearing to be absolutely wasted during the first X Factor live show.

If you didn’t watch it, she kind of put us in mind of someone inappropriately drunk at a low-key family gathering – in a good way.

And on Sunday’s show, she managed to forget the actual name of her actual act, Saara Aalto (after previously forgetting what country she was from).

Shazza, are you OK hun?

Some people have claimed she’s not coping with the pressure of the show and that she’s mentally exhausted.

A source said: “She’s in an incredibly vulnerable state of mind. Everyone is concerned.

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