Soulful House Trio Mi Casa to Thrill Lagos Fans

Legendary Jazz maestro Jonathan Butler, the Soulful House Mi Casa and Nigeria’s own songbird and winner of Voice Nigeria A’rese will storm Lagos  this Saturday (today) to entertain their fans.

The group has promised to wow Lagos fans and lovers of AfroSoul music the very best coming from African Continent.

For the headline performer, Jonathan, “It is good to be back in Lagos once again especially this time with my big brothers from same clime, Mi Casa and also performing alongside with one of the beautiful voice coming form Nigeria soil, A’rese. Expect great positive, energy and good live music from us.”

For Mi Casa , “It is going to be a one show you will enjoy till the end because we are prepared for this and will not disappoint our fans here in Lagos especially for the fact the we have been doing some collaborations with some Nigeria artists who knew our worth.

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