Why Obama family disowns half brother Malik

Image result for US Election: Obama family disowns half brother MalikThe Obama family has distanced itself from Malik Obama over his comments against the Barack Obama’s administration and his stand on United States politics.

Malik has already declared his support for controversial Republican nominee Donald Trump and he has criticised Barack Obama’s eight-year leadership as US president, a decision the Kogelo family said was against their will.

“We are disappointed by Malik. We do not recognise him as a member of our family,” says family spokesperson, Nicholas Rajulu.

obama-malik-trumpMalik, who unsuccessfully vied for the Siaya gubernatorial seat in 2013, has expressed willingness to to run for the same position.

However, his candidature has been bitterly opposed by the Obama family.

“He has opposed development brought by Barack in the region. Even if he is contesting for Member of the County Assembly (MCA), we will not vote for him until he changes his attitude,”Rajuku said.

Siaya MCA Owiti Osuri accused Malik of constantly trying to find fault with the US president.

“We will not support Malik in 2017 despite him being one of us,” said Mr Osuri. “He is a disgrace to us and we will ensure he fails miserably.”

Meanwhile, Malik has denied all allegations, saying he’s entitled to his personal opinion and the choice to support any candidate he so desires.

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