Woman who pushed husband out of window found dead in prison

TVC E. An Oklahoma woman convicted of second-degree murder for shoving her hubby out the window of their high-rise apartment was found dead in her prison cell Monday, officials said.

Amber Hilberling, 25, who was serving a 25-year prison sentence for the 2011 death of Joshua Hilberling, was officially pronounced dead at 5:33 p.m. at the Mabel Bassett Correctional Center in McLoud, Okla., according to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

The medical examiner’s office will determine Hilberling’s cause of death, but the woman’s parents, who spoke exclusively to news men, said medical staff told them that the death was being treated as a suicide, according to the news channel.

No other information was given.

Hilberling’s stepfather, Bryan Whitlock, who said he spoke to Hilberling the night before, told reporters that there is “no way” his stepdaughter’s death was a suicide.

Hilberling was earning college credits while incarcerated and spoke to her son every day, Whitlock said.

Prosecutors have alleged that Hilberling pushed her husband, an Air Force veteran, through the window from the 25th floor of the couple’s apartment building after they argued over breaking up.

Hilberling, who was 19 at the time of Joshua’s death and seven months pregnant, has argued that the fatal incident was an “accident” caused by the “unusually thin” windows in the apartment, and that she pushed her husband in self-defense.


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