Bank in Nigeria allegedly forcing staff to resign

TVC E. According to a Facebook user Tush Bee who is also a journalist posted an allegation on her Facebook wall, claiming that a well known bank in Nigeria has been maltreating her staff and forcing them to resign illegally.

tush-beeThe user wrote: ”FCMBank is railroading staff into resignation illegally. Fcmb is presently downsizing it’s core staff by randomly targeting unsuspecting staff members by using their registered BVN numbers and that of their family members to run an underground illegal search of transactions that have occurred on staff accounts in other banks including the staffs family members and insisting on staff members to submit 2 yrs account statements.

This staff members upon submission are them called and questioned to explain personal transactions (credits / debits) in these accounts. An Audit staff who pleased animosity informed us that when this staff members either refuse or can’t explain satisfactorily to divulge this information are then made to face disciplinary panels and then sacked.

This act is very illegal and the public must be made aware. Other staff members contacted have refused to comment on the issue as most of them are scared of being fingerred as the whistle blower Our sources tell us that over 16 staff members have been either forced to resign or have been sacked thus far . We will bring you more information as the story develops.”

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