‘I caught my father sleeping with my best friend’

A 22 year old lady simply identified as Celine has accused her biological father of having sexual intercourse with her best friend.

Celine disclosed yesterday that she is presently mad at her dad and her best friend, Pamela, after she caught two of them having sex in her parent’s matrimonial bed.

Narrating her ordeal, Celine said:

“I am very angry at him and as much as I have kept the whole thing a secret, I am not sure I will be able to hold on to it for long.

“I know that if I tell mom, it could lead to a break in their marriage, something I would not want to happen. But if I keep quiet, I am hurting my mother because I don’t know how far deep dad and Pamela have gone.

Image result for having sexual intercourse“Pamela and I have been best friends right from our primary school days because we grew up in the same neighbourhood. Our parents have been family friends for as long as we can remember and many even thought we are related due to our closeness.

“We went to the same secondary school and our bond was so great that many thought we were twin sisters. We were only separated when we got into different universities three years ago.

“Even when we moved to our own house, Pamela could come and stay with us even when I am not around. It was the same with me as I went to their house to spend weekends even when she was out of town.

“So you can imagine my shock when I came home unexpectedly last month to meet the most devastating sights of my entire life.”

She however promised to keep the ugly incident away from her mummy so as to avoid break up.

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