Anambra: 3 men reportedly die from spiritual attack inside well

TVC E. It was a tragic outing for three men who were reportedly killed by spiritual forces while digging a well in Anambra. This happened on Monday, October 24, 2016 at Hanik Street, Trans Nkisi Federal Housing, Onitsha.

According to reports, a man digging a well accidentally slipped into it. In a bid to save him, his brother, Usai rushed in to get him out, but both died mysteriously. A third man who attempted to get the body of the men sustained bruises which he claimed were inflicted by spiritual forces inside the well.

Another rescuer who asked for a sum of N100,000 to bring the men out of the well never made it out.

The corpses of the deceased were later recovered the next day  after a sacrifice was given to a native doctor in the community.

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