Tolu Odukoya drops new single “My Heart”

Tolu Odukoya-Ijogun, daughter of late renowned preacher, Paster Bimbo Odukoya, today, dropped a new single titled My Heart.

According to Tolu, who recently got ordained as a pastor, My Heart is a simple song of gratitude.

“When I think about all God has done for me, everything I’ve been through, how He has remained faithful, I think about how I can tell Him how grateful I am. How can I give back in return. The human way of showing gratitude is doing something; and I thought giving him my heart would do it. My heart is the most important part of me as a human being. If I can give God that; that shows how much I’m thankful for all that he’s done,” she said.

Married with two children, Tolu revealed that aside singing, she’s very passionate about God, relationships, marriages and family.

Her first musical outing was in 2011 in a duet with Onyeka Onwenu titled Gifted and Proud which she did for her later mother’s foundation.

“I’ve always been singing. My mum actually prayed when she was pregnant with me that I would be a singer. So I’ve been singing in church for a very long time, so I think this would be the best time to dab into my ministry because I do see music as my ministry,” she said.

“When I sing or I worship, I realise that I touch people and I turn people back to God. It’s my own way of ministering. I might not be the most eloquent person at preaching the word, but I believe when I sing, I get people to see God and feel God.”

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