Southern Kaduna cattle breeders, farmers sign ceasefire pact

Cattle breeders and leaders in the Southern part of Kaduna state, northwest Nigeria have agreed on a ceasefire to end the killings and wanton destruction of properties in the area.

It’s not the first time both factions are a signing a peace deal but this time around, it came under supervision of the top brass of security agencies in the country.

The meeting which lasted almost the whole day was brokered by General Officer Commanding, 1 Division of the Nigerian Army Major General Adeniyi Oyebade.

The nation’s army school of artillery in the area hosted the important meeting.

Apart from loss of lives, and destruction of properties, the unrest in Southern Kaduna has left several communities deserted, with inhabitants running for dear lives.

About four hundred troops are now keeping the peace in the area, that’s apart from police personnel also contributing their quota.

The need for peace talks was key for the army.

Resolutions were reached at the end of the day, top among them was immediate stoppage of children from grazing.

Violent activity, display of arms and hiring of mercenaries by the Fulani was also condemned.

Peace and reconciliation committees up to ward levels were then encouraged.

The resolutions were received in good faith, and both the farmers and cattle breeders agreed to abide by them.

But the army was quick to warn that it would descend heavily on anyone who breaches the agreement.

It was agreed that the agreement shall be effective, November the 1st.

The security agencies promised to keep an eye on the situation, hoping that all will be well henceforth but it would most likely take a while before security personnel leave the area.

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