Movie producers chart a new direction for Nollywood

Image result for Movie producers chart a new direction for NollywoodThe Association of Movie Producers, AMP, has declared that henceforth no pay TV station operating in Nigeria, including Dstv’s AfricaMagic should have more than one channel showing Nollywood movies.

The association’s position is coming against the drastic decrease in sales of Nollywood movies in recent times.

AMP also decried activities of non- industry operators, alleging that there is no level playing ground when it comes to the issue of accessing film fund as well as when government attempts to interface with Nollywood. The association said that persons who were not members of the guild or representatives of the industry are often selected at the detriment of the genuine practitioners.

Addressing movie journalists in what he called, “The way forward for Nollywood”, AMP president, Raph Nwadike decried a situation where Dstv, Star Times among other pay TV stations, have pauperised local producers, as they have about 7 to 8 channels showing works of Nollywood producers 24 hours non-stop and 7 days of the week. “This is not done anywhere in the world,”he lamented.

The AMP president said, “Our airspace has been saturated with Nollywood films and this has effectively killed the VCD and DVD markets as our main source of distribution. We stand as one and say M-net should not have more than one channel in Nigeria showing Nollywood films. They can show the other Nollywood channels outside the country. Furthermore, no film that is less than 2 years old should come on the single channel with three runs a year only,” the AMP president lamented.

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