“Trump cannot be my President,” says Jay Z

Image result for "Trump cannot be my President," says Jay ZAmerican hip-hop personality and Roc Nation founder, Jay Z has declared that he will not vote for US Republican candidate, Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

Hova, as he also known joined many American celebrities in criticizing Trump who has angered observers for his divisive comments.

At a campaign concert organised for Hilary Clinton in Cleveland, United States, Jay Z urged voters to consider voting for the Democratic candidate who seems a better choice than Trump.

“His (Trump’s) conversation is divisive to me; he cannot be my president.”

The rapper’s view was supported by his wife, Beyonce who was with him at the concert.

She said, “There was a time when a woman’s opinion did not matter. Less than 100 years ago women did not have the right to vote, look how far we’ve come to having voice to being on the brink of history by electing the first woman president.

“But we have to vote. The world looks to us as a progressive country that needs change, I want my daughter to grow up seeing a woman lead our country and know that her possibilities are limitless.”

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