Beyoncé Shares Important Voting Message

There’s one message artists far and wide are circulating on social media today: Get out and vote. Beyoncé did her part by sharing a powerful video collage from the concert Jay-Z hosted in support of Hillary Clinton on Friday (November 4th).

The video shows Jay Z, Beyoncé, Chance the Rapper, J. Cole and others performing in front of screens that display the American flag, the United States, and the slogan “I’m With Her.” Besides editing together some of the evening’s more key musical moments, Beyoncé also included two big messages from Chance and her husband.

“She’s running this battle right now, she’s killing this race, but she needs all of our help, as American citizens to go out on November 8th and cast our vote,” Chance the Rapper tells the crowd about Clinton.

Jay Z comes on at the end, speaking backstage. “So many people fought for these rights, so many people lost their lives for us to even have the opportunity to vote,” he says. “I think we owe it to them. It’s a major disservice if we don’t go out and let our voices be heard.”

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