Mariah Carey to pay whenever Nick Cannon visits the twins

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have agreed on a settlement in their divorce, and they both had to declare income for 2014 according to TMZ.

And from that declaration, Mariah supposedly raked in $6.3m while Nick’s income for that year was $2.7m.

In their settlement, Nick is required to pay a monthly sum of $5,000 into a trust fund for their twins while Mariah isn’t required to pay a cent.

The twins are not left out of the settlement, as neither Mariah nor Nick can allow them to address any future spouse with any endearment; mom, dad, mommy, daddy, father, mother or any other of such.

Mariah does have a part in the settlement to fulfill too. Since the twins will live with her; though she shares custody of them with Nick, she will pay for Nick’s travel and accommodation anytime he comes to visit the twins. Mariah will also sign over the title of their 2012 Ferrari.

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