Kaduna launch manhunt for Kauru herdsmen attack mastermind

The Kaduna state government is out on a hunt for Haruna Shettima, the alleged mastermind of the onslaught by Fulani militia on Kauru local government in the state.
No fewer than forty lives were lost to the invasion, and properties including farmlands destroyed.

Three communities in Kauru, dominated by the Chawai people were a week ago invaded by armed men of Fulani extraction.

Trouble started after a farm land was encroached on by one Haruna Shettima who came to settle with his cattle.

The locals directed him to relocate, but their request fell on deaf ears.

The Chawai people then resorted to use of force, and two cows were  killed in the process.

Haruna reportedly fled, only to return with mercenaries at about 2am to unleash mayhem on the people.

No fewer than 40 people were sent to early graves, and properties including farm lands destroyed.

Haruna according to the people promised them a he would return to wreak further havoc.

The joy in the Chawai attack for the people is the fact that the gunmen are known and expected this time around.

They say they are watching to see, what would become of Haruna and his  cohorts.

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