‘I monitor whatever I do from my bedroom’ – Aisha Buhari

The wife of Muhammadu Buhari, President of Nigeria,  Aisha Muhammadu Buhari, has said she monitors all the items donated to her project from her bedroom and they have not for once received any cash donation.

aisha-and-yourviewDuring the interview segment with YourView Tvc on Friday (25th of November 2016), she said, Items donated to the beneficiaries drawn from the 17 Local Government Areas of the state under her welfare progrmme include:  1,000 bags of Rice, 1,000 cans of Cooking oil, Tomatoes, provisions and other food supplements.

The beneficiaries included indigent men, women, widows and the disabled. ‘We are concentrating more on Borno community because it needs urgent attention’, she mentioned.



When asked of her take on gender equality, she said: ‘Men and women are not the same, all we ask is to be treated nicely, woman are to support men’. On domestic violence issue she made it clear that, the same men that causes the violence will be used to stop it.

She concluded by saying: ‘One of the major factor that hinders women from speaking out when it comes to domestic violence is the fear of the unknown, every woman should be able to sustain herself’.

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  • abduganiyy
    November 28, 2016

    how can one get a video clip of the interview?

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