Kidnappers beaten and stripped in Lagos

TVC E. Some alleged kidnappers in the Epe area of Lagos were caught just as they were trying to get away with

According to, it was alleged that the criminals consisting of one female and two men were apprehended by residents and stripped naked. Some of the people suggested setting the kidnappers on fire although it was not known if this threat was carried out as at the time of the report.See photos of the kidnappers below:

Kidnappers stripped, beaten in Lagos
Kidnappers stripped, beaten in Lagos

In a related development,

kidnappers from Delta and Enugu have been arrested in Calabar, Cross River state during a kidnapping operation.

In a post and photos shared by APC TV via its social media page, it reported that residents apprehended the kidnappers after they had taken a victim.

The kidnappers were stripped and possibly beaten while their vehicle was also destroyed.

Nigerians reacted to the incidents with some noting that human ritual was usually on the rise towards the end of the year.

Kidnappers stripped, beaten in Lagos

Some however criticised the stripping of the suspected kidnappers.

Cheure Augustine wrote: Learn from this and stop kidnapping your fellow human being. If u have the plans for such act then have a rethink as you watch the displayed pictures.

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  • December 11, 2016

    They don’t have my sympathy. Though, I feel their dehumanizing stress. Whether, rule of law or juggle justice, evil should be wipe out of our country so that good people will live in peace.

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