Manufacturers wants increased government spending

Nigeria’s economy has no business being in recession! This is according to Stella Okolie, vice president of the manufacturers association of Nigeria.

She says current economic policies implemented by government stifles the growth of business in the country.

The federal government’s economic policies are yet to pull Nigeria out of recession.

The state of the economy now portends bad business for manufacturers and entrepreneurs.

The vice president of the manufacturers association of Nigeria, a leading pharmacist in Nigeria Stella Okolie says there is no reason for the current economic hardship in the country.

Stella Okolie commended the Senate’s move to review the common ecowas tariff that has doubled the cost of doing business in the region.

But she insists that government must spend money to stimulate economic growth.

Manufacturers and other leading drivers of the economy in the private sector are also worried that the federal government does not engage in wide consultation before policies are implemented.

But the vice president of Manufacturers in Nigeria is still optimistic that the economy will rise again if funding is provided for specific sectors that will have an impact on majority of Nigerians.

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