Aviation Terror Attacks: Experts call for stiffer security measures

Security experts have sounded a note of warning that the several cases of stowaway indicate that the nation’s airports have become target of terror attacks.

Former Commandant, Murtala Muhammed Airport John Ojikutu has blamed the regulatory body, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority for the frequent stowaways recorded in the country.

Lilian Eze-Mark reports that the aviation security experts after a closer look at happenings in and around the aerodromes, said that the news of another stowaway on Arik Air aircraft suggested that attacks might just be closer than the authorities were aware of.

The concerned stakeholders, who spoke at Aviation Safety Round Table forum, called for an immediate review of the aviation security programmes at the airports and operating airlines, to check possible attacks.

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A cybercrime security expert, Ifeanyi Ugochukwu,pointed out that while the security operatives were focused on physical threats, cyber threats are already present especially with drones already in private hands in the country.

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) attachee, United States’ Embassy, West Africa, Gary Pleus, aviation is a common target of terrorist groups around the world .

Pleus said since the 911 attack in the United States, adversaries had advanced to the use of underwear bomb vest, explosives hidden inside toothpaste tubes and departure hall attacks, all to beat security and wreak havoc.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has said it is doing its best to ensure that security standards are duly implemented at the airports.

Aviation security experts said that the incidents showed that terrorists, including Boko Haram insurgents, Fulani herdsmen and Nigeria Delta militants were becoming aware of how porous the nation’s airports were, and are likely exploring the openings.

They want NCAA to immediately review all the security programmes of the nation’s airports and prevail on Arik Airlines to strengthen its security.

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