How I was robbed by an old woman – Lady narrates terrible ordeal

TVC E. A young lady identified as Elle, has taken to her Instagram handle to narrate how an old woman nearly robbed her in Lagos, Island on Wednesday, December 14.

Elle who was on the Island to shop for Christmas was surprised when this happened and could not wait to narrate her experience to everyone. She posted a picture of her holding the money with the caption:

“God has yet proven himself to be my God AGAIN!!! Babes!! Guys!! This is Christmas season. Shine your eyes!!! I arrived the market (Lagos Island) at about 2:30pm this afternoon as i needed to get some stuffs. On getting there, an old woman kept following me. She be like ‘my dear, keep your money very well. This is Lagos, thieves are everywhere’ I was telling her thank you as per good mother. She also said I should hold part of the money I was with so even if my bag was snatched I have something to fall back to. That was how I foolishly brought out the money from my bag. She picked up a nylon, trying to help me tie my money.

In the course of doing that.. She swapped the money. She tied paper with nylon. Gave me the nylon that had paper and took my money. I kept saying ‘ese ma’ thank you in Yoruba.. As that was what we were conversing with. In less than two seconds. I’m not ashamed to say I was alerted by the Holy Spirit. I turned back and was looking at her. (I never knew my money was missing) immediately she opened her pant and brought out my money. Dumbfounded I was. I ran in shock to my friends shop. When I got there, I opened the nylon she gave to me at first.. Only to see that it was newspapers. My brothers n sisters. Biko help me thank this God. And please y’ll be watchful, anywhere you find yourself. It’s only God love that is real.”

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