Blac Chyna blasts Rob Kardashian after he reveals she left him and took baby Dream

Hours later, Rob posted a series of heartbreaking videos showing Dream’s empty nursery in the house they moved into together just weeks ago.

And shortly after Rob posted his messages, mum-of-two Blac shared a now deleted message of her own slamming her ex.

“I was doing swell before I got with him! I got him out of Khloe’s house, helped him lose all that f**king weight for him to do nothing and gain it all back again. Rob asked for all of this! Rob begged me to have Dream! He stressed me out my entire pregnancy.

“Accusing me of cheating, going crazy on me with massive text blasts daily. Being an absolute lunatic and then covering it up with gifts.”

She continued: “I had to beg him to cut his hair, to take his braces off and to get more business.”

As it sounds like he’s beginning to cry, he continues: “I’m not feeling so good.”

Rob also posted a lengthy message to his 8 million followers insisting it wasn’t just a publicity stunt to get more people to tune into the Rob and Chyna baby special on Sunday.

“I thought this was going to be the best year of my life… had a beautiful baby Dream and haven’t spent Christmas with family in years and I just can’t believe she really hurt me this way. She knows how to hurt me and I loved her so hard like I’m supposed to. Like any man is supposed to love their wife,” he shared.


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